Image Optimization In 15 Minutes

open laptop displaying image optimization

Optimize your images in 15 minute intervals. Short Descriptive File Names Naming is the first step in image optimization. Using short descriptive names as file names help with search engine optimization. Remember that Google bots crawl each page and process each element to determine what that page is about. If your image file naming convention…

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Optimizing Your Landing Pages In 15 minutes.

Landing page optimization

Optimizing Your Landing Page Landing page optimization is paramount. The old adage of “You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression” rings so true for landing pages. Often it is the first impression of your company and with the attention span of today’s users, it may be their last. That is exactly…

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Take 15 Minutes To Create A LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn business profile

THIS IS A STEP BY STEP EASY TO FOLLOW GUIDE TO BUILD YOUR COMPANY AN EFFECTIVE LINKEDIN BUSINESS PAGE. PREREQUISITES A verified email associated with your LinkedIn account Authorization to create a company page Header image: 1536 X 768 Logo: 300 X 300 About Us (Up to 2000 characters) Company URL GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR…

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How To Write A LinkedIn Company Description

2000 characters letter face

LinkedIn Description In 2000 Characters Writing a LinkedIn company description can seem overwhelming for some people. Honestly, if you are not a bit intimidated you probably fall into one of two buckets. Bucket One, you have already spent the time formulating a killer About Us for another medium. Or Bucket Two, you are just going…

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What Is Net Neutrality?

net neutrality

If you frequent the internet, chances are you’ve recently heard about something called “Net Neutrality”. It may sound boring, but for those who enjoy the internet either for the social interactions, business purposes or just because there’s a whole lot of silly stuff to be found, Net Neutrality is one of the most important issues…

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