Increase Your Local SEO With NAP

Pillow Local SEO NAP

I know a NAP always sounds good but this NAP will help your local search results. Name, Address, and Phone number or NAP is a common acronym used in the SEO world. It can have a tremendous effect on your local search results. Why is NAP important? Simply put any mention of your business on…

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Creating Content for Your LinkedIn business page

Two laptops for LinkedIn content creation

WHY CREATE CONTENT FOR LINKEDIN? You have this shiny new business page with your company name, logo, and business information but it looks kind of bare. One great way to rectify this is to share content on your page. There are many benefits of sharing content. You may see an increase in traffic to your…

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7 Common Pitfalls of PPC Campaigns

AdWords Pitfalls

Pitfall #1: Keywords Successful PPC campaigns start with your knowledge of keywords. Generally, this is where many advertisers fail. Think of your keywords as the foundation of your Adwords campaign. If your foundation is not solid, your campaign will most likely crumble. The basic purpose of keywords is to trigger your ads. Sounds pretty simple…

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