3 Ways To Work ON Your Business If You Can’t Work IN Your Business

three ways to work on your business hero

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and sadly, it will continue to spread quickly. No one knows how many people will ultimately be infected (or will sadly pass away from it) and it’s impact has been felt by everything from the global stock markets right down to small businesses, restaurants, etc. Everyone, including marketers, will be affected. 

We know things might be a bit overwhelming for entrepreneurs and business owners right now, but it’s important to remember that marketing never stops. While you may not be running Google Ads or promoting your products and services, there’s still plenty of work to be done during this tough time to keep your business ahead of the curve. Here are three ways you can continue to work on your business even if you can’t work in your business:


Catch Up on Your To-Do List

While it’s uncertain what the next weeks and months will bring, we can assume it’s all temporary. While you may not be able to work AT your business, you can continue to work ON your business. 

As a business owner, a universal feeling is that we never have enough time. We all have a laundry list of tasks and marketing items that may have fallen through the cracks and been overlooked. This may be the perfect time to get things done so you’re prepared once the cloud of uncertainty lifts. Did you plan to start blogging more? Does your website need a refresh to add new services or information? There’s always something to do when it comes to your business. 

Learn How to Temporarily Pivot 

Take a step back to audit your company’s capabilities and look outside the box. Many food services are now offering takeout and or delivery options to their patrons to reduce communicable spread of this disease. This shows that companies are looking out for their employees and their customers but reducing the chance of exposure. In another example of great marketing ingenuity, luxury French brand LVMH who normally produces Louis Vuitton, Moët, Hennessy, Christian Dior, Guerlain and Givenchy, will suspend making perfumes and instead create hand sanitizers to fill the growing demand. The ability to shift production in this way not only helps maintain sales during a difficult time, it ultimately helps the world by producing a much-needed item like sanitizer. 

Increase Your Brand Loyalty

If you can’t shift your business model to create needed products like face masks or hand sanitizers, you can still promote your business and connect with current and future customers. We’re are all in this together and the smallest of actions you take now can cement brand loyalty for life. Major corporations like Comcast and AT&T are offering greatly reduced and sometimes free services. In many cases, these companies are temporarily suspending any cancelations of service due to delinquent payments. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it has the potential to create lifelong brand ambassadors. 


What adjustments are you making during these difficult times to help sustain and support your business and/or your community? We would love to hear about it at [email protected].