5 Reasons to take 15 minutes to start your company LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Business Profile Built Out Of Board Game Tiles

Company Branding

Branding is not a logo. Branding is the feeling your customer has when they interact with your company. You may not be able to control peoples feelings but you can do everything in your power to influence these feelings. You can initiate this through brand recognition. It simply isn’t enough to plaster your logo on coasters, oven mitts, or whatever your company leavebehind material is.
LinkedIn allows you to share your story, and your company’s culture. Building a business page and crafting your messaging is essentially an opportunity to pledge a promise to your customers.
Take the time to craft your messaging and make sure that you are communicating your unique selling points. It is a long road, this branding thing, that goes far beyond logos but the return can be invaluable. Branding promotes brand loyalty.

B2B Sales

It is absolutely no secret that there has been a definite shift in social selling. Businesses use LinkedIn for a variety of reasons ranging from networking to sharing company literature. The real advantages are to sales professionals in my opinion. Everything from prospecting, to qualifying of customers, becomes easier through platforms such as LinkedIn.
After all, what other social networking platforms do you know that people voluntarily enter their entire work history into? It is a tremendous resource to find your ideal customers.

SEO Advantages

Imagine your customer is searching for your company on Google. Typically they will find links to your website, Yelp reviews, and a directory mention. We suggest that your company doesn’t just occupy the first 3 positions of the page but you dominate the entire page. A key way to start this domination is through social accounts.
Imagine the same scenario as above but this time the listed results are:
  • Website Links
  • Yelp Review
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Directory Mentions
This not only allows your customer to accurately find answers about your brand, but also suggests that you have a strong online presence which promotes trust.

Company News

LinkedIn is a great outlet for promoting company news. Many companies utilize the builtin blogging platform to share their announcements. The advantages of blogging from your company page are immense when you factor in the benefits:
  • Reaching your targeted audience
  • Customer interaction with your brand
  • SEO benefits
  • Sharing your unique perspective and promoting your culture
  • Ability to control comments of posted articles

Content & Product Distribution

B2B content and new product distributions are far more effective on LinkedIn than on other social networks according to a poll from eMarketer. Reporting numbers as high as 94% for marketers who prefer distributing content, and product releases in the US market. With numbers that high it is no surprise that the marketers polled also claim that their B2B conversions were highest on LinkedIn.

Consider Creating A Business LinkedIn

This article only took 5 minutes to read but I am sure you will agree the arguments made all point towards the creation of a business LinkedIn.
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