Enhance Communication and Credibility with Proper WP Mail Settings

Wordpress Emails

In the bustling world of WordPress websites, effective communication with your customers is crucial. One often overlooked aspect of this communication is the ‘From’ address of your emails. It might seem like a small detail, but setting the correct ‘From’ address can significantly impact the deliverability of your emails, your website’s credibility, and user engagement.…

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Does your website have this A rating?

Does your website have the five A's hero

Does Your Website Have The Five A’s? It Should. With the ever-increasing number of online website builders available on the internet, you might wonder why anyone would hire a professional developer or marketing agency. You’re probably bombarded by ads every day from these companies claiming you will have a “professional-looking” website in just minutes. Just…

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Our Web Design Process Explained

Flow chart of web design process

Our Web Design Process Web design is more than just aesthetics. Great design is a very calculated and precise process. Everyone appreciates a beautifully crafted website and can think of a handful that they personally visit regularly. These sites make us feel something. Some encourage us to buy a product and others offer great articles…

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Image Optimization In 15 Minutes

open laptop displaying image optimization

Optimize your images in 15 minute intervals. Short Descriptive File Names Naming is the first step in image optimization. Using short descriptive names as file names help with search engine optimization. Remember that Google bots crawl each page and process each element to determine what that page is about. If your image file naming convention…

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