Introduction to Google Tag Manager or GTM

What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager, or GTM for short, is a free service from Google that allows you to add multiple code snippets to your website in the form of tags. This tag management system may be easier to understand if you think of it as a digital container. This container can…

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How to Create a GTM Measurement Plan

What is a GTM measurement plan? As the name implies, a GTM management plan is simply a document used for planning what data to measure. It can be as simple or complex as you like but it should act as a clear road map to guide your measurement process. Here are a few suggested metrics…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

Content marketing infographic

Many business owners understand the value of content marketing but struggle to successfully implement their own marketing strategy. At Projekt15, we recognize this need and have created this guide in hopes of helping you succeed at content marketing. Step 1: Identify Your Ideal Customer It may seem obvious but too often this step is completely…

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How To Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

How to Calculate and Evaluate the Lifetime Value of Your Customer

Customer Lifetime Value  Understanding the lifetime value of your customer is extremely important. This metric will tell you the potential profit you can expect from individual customer accounts. In order to calculate your customer’s lifetime value, you’ll want to start with a few basic calculations: Average Purchase Price: Total company revenue for the year divided…

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Respect the Drip Campaign

Respect the drip hero

Why You Should Respect the Drip Email Campaign Every respectable marketer in the industry would (and should) tell you that building your email list is important. The ability to connect directly with current and potential customers to generate sales and build important relationships for future referrals is valuable.  If you’re not already giving your website…

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Does your website have this A rating?

Does your website have the five A's hero

Does Your Website Have The Five A’s? It Should. With the ever-increasing number of online website builders available on the internet, you might wonder why anyone would hire a professional developer or marketing agency. You’re probably bombarded by ads every day from these companies claiming you will have a “professional-looking” website in just minutes. Just…

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Five Steps To Selling Your Products Online

Woo Commerce infographic

Five Steps to Start Selling Your Products Online  As the coronavirus continues to take its toll, many businesses have been closed for weeks and have seen the need to adapt to online sales. The transition from a traditional brick-and-mortar business model to a web-based platform can seem daunting, but we’ve helped our clients facilitate a…

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Basics Of Link Tracking Using A Free URL Creator

Link tracker infographic

What is link tracking? Link tracking is simply measuring how many people click on a link to your website. If you only provide a raw link like the example directly below. EXAMPLE: ( ) It can still be measured but with far less accuracy than a link constructed with UTM parameters. EXAMPLE: ( The…

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Local Citation Listing Services

Local citation listings

What Are Local Citation Listings? Local citation listings, AKA local business listings, are essentially the way your business is represented in directories across the web. Citations are the listings that point directly to your business. The information contained in these listings often includes your “NAP” (Name, Address and Phone number). In addition to your NAP…

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