Five Steps To Selling Your Products Online

Woo Commerce infographic

Five Steps to Start Selling Your Products Online  As the coronavirus continues to take its toll, many businesses have been closed for weeks and have seen the need to adapt to online sales. The transition from a traditional brick-and-mortar business model to a web-based platform can seem daunting, but we’ve helped our clients facilitate a…

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Local Citation Listing Services

Local citation listings

What Are Local Citation Listings? Local citation listings, AKA local business listings, are essentially the way your business is represented in directories across the web. Citations are the listings that point directly to your business. The information contained in these listings often includes your “NAP” (Name, Address and Phone number). In addition to your NAP…

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Increase Your Local SEO With NAP

Pillow Local SEO NAP

I know a NAP always sounds good but this NAP will help your local search results. Name, Address, and Phone number or NAP is a common acronym used in the SEO world. It can have a tremendous effect on your local search results. Why is NAP important? Simply put any mention of your business on…

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Image Optimization In 15 Minutes

open laptop displaying image optimization

Optimize your images in 15 minute intervals. Short Descriptive File Names Naming is the first step in image optimization. Using short descriptive names as file names help with search engine optimization. Remember that Google bots crawl each page and process each element to determine what that page is about. If your image file naming convention…

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