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Understanding the Recent Hack of What Website Owners Need to Know

In a significant and alarming development, over 100,000 websites have been impacted by a supply chain attack involving, a popular JavaScript CDN service. This attack has raised concerns and…

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Wordpress Emails

Enhance Communication and Credibility with Proper WP Mail Settings

In the bustling world of WordPress websites, effective communication with your customers is crucial. One often overlooked aspect of this communication is the ‘From’ address of your emails. It might…

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Introduction to Google Tag Manager or GTM

What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager, or GTM for short, is a free service from Google that allows you to add multiple code snippets to your website in…

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How to Create a GTM Measurement Plan

What is a GTM measurement plan? As the name implies, a GTM management plan is simply a document used for planning what data to measure. It can be as simple…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

Many business owners understand the value of content marketing but struggle to successfully implement their own marketing strategy. At Projekt15, we recognize this need and have created this guide in…

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How to Calculate and Evaluate the Lifetime Value of Your Customer

How To Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value  Understanding the lifetime value of your customer is extremely important. This metric will tell you the potential profit you can expect from individual customer accounts. In order…

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Respect the drip hero

Respect the Drip Campaign

Why You Should Respect the Drip Email Campaign Every respectable marketer in the industry would (and should) tell you that building your email list is important. The ability to connect…

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Does your website have the five A's hero

Does your website have this A rating?

Does Your Website Have The Five A’s? It Should. With the ever-increasing number of online website builders available on the internet, you might wonder why anyone would hire a professional…

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Woo Commerce infographic

Five Steps To Selling Your Products Online

Five Steps to Start Selling Your Products Online  As the coronavirus continues to take its toll, many businesses have been closed for weeks and have seen the need to adapt…

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three ways to work on your business hero

3 Ways To Work ON Your Business If You Can’t Work IN Your Business

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and sadly, it will continue to spread quickly. No one knows how many people will ultimately be infected (or will sadly pass…

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