Optimizing Your Landing Pages In 15 minutes.

Landing page optimization

Optimizing Your Landing Page

Landing page optimization is paramount. The old adage of “You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression” rings so true for landing pages. Often it is the first impression of your company and with the attention span of today’s users, it may be their last. That is exactly why you must get it right the first time.

Don’t let this frighten you. Luckily much of the hard work has been done for you when it comes to optimizing your landing page. Just follow the steps in this guide to increase your odds of success.

Focus On The End Goal.

Your landing page needs to be laser focused on the end goal. Understanding the end result will help tremendously when planning your landing page. If your end goal is lead capture then every portion of the page should be directly and indirectly channeling visitors to the contact form.

Be Especially Mindfull Of The Fold.

The portion of a website that is shown on load before scroll is referred to as the “fold”. It is extremely important to understand many visitors may only see this section unless you have a crafted clear message. Make sure your visitor knows exactly what they are expected to do. If it is lead capture, make certain your contact form is also above the fold.

Don’t Clutter The Page With Options

If at all possible, remove or reduce the navigation links that direct the visitor away from your goal. This step isn’t always implemented due to difficulties in removing the navigation bars. Your developer should have no issue completing this task.

Content That Supports Your End Goal.

State your case. Make sure that the content provided on this page is compelling and continuously promotes the goal of getting the visitor to fill out your lead capture form. Do not veer too far from your goal. It is absolutely okay to provide testimonials, case studies, and other content that conveys your company’s unique selling points. A landing page is not the place to wander off topic. This page should have only one goal.

Get To The Point Already.

This is not the time to write your business history or an ultra detailed list of your accomplishments. Optimizing your landing page should also include removing the “noise”. This is in its essence a highly optimized “elevator pitch”. The messaging should be short and direct while providing the user clear direction. It must also entice the visitor to fill out the form.

Use Of Contrasting Colors

Your call to action, or in this case the submit button, should have a contrasting color. Not a visually vulgar color contrast but it should definitely draw the eye to it and suggest its importance within the page.

Last Ditch Efforts

A commonly used method to capture the visitor’s contact information is the pop-up. I DO NOT recommend these annoying pop-ups due to the horrible user experience they cause. That being said it is possible to trigger a pop-up that asks for the visitor’s information when it appears that they are going to click the back button.

They are already on their way out. It couldn’t hurt to prompt them with this final request, could it? I fall in the camp that believes it is your last chance and it couldn’t hurt. Who knows it might be that little extra nudge that was required for them to convert.

Optimizing Landing Page