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At Projekt15, we collaborate with our clients to set their businesses apart in today’s competitive digital world. We’ve helped many businesses from diverse industries reach their marketing goals and enjoy bringing their visions to life. Here’s a glimpse of our most recent projekts.

Landing page optimization
We put our money where our mouth is and love to push the boundaries when it comes to web design and development. There’s no better client to experiment on than ourselves. See how far we’ve come with our own rebranding.


Marketing, Branding, Everything Else

K9 topcoat background
Co-founded in 1999 by June Lotz as a revolutionary way to protect our four-legged friends, K9 Top Coat designs and creates functional and fashionable bodysuits to solve common pet problems such as shedding, allergy relief and more.

K9 Top Coat

Web Design, Development, E-commerce, Social

Satisfye background image
Satisfye was developed by a millennial with a love for video games and a vision for creating high-quality accessories for the Nintendo Switch. Founder Phillip Brand came to us looking to create a cohesive brand image and website that would resonate with gamers across the world, product packaging design and digital marketing to reach new customers.


Marketing, Branding, Everything Else

Montage demo
Created for farmers by a lifelong farmer, Montage is a software as a service (SaaS) product designed to provide interactive tools to enhance mapping abilities and provide easy access to important farm records and documents. Founded by Brad Gleason, we created a brand that would resonate with the agricultural community through short demonstration videos, eye-catching marketing materials and a new website.


Design, Development, Branding

Takao Nursury
Takao Nursery began as a landscape company in the 1960s by Howard and Fumiko Takao and eventually evolved into a wholesale ground cover nursery with full time perennial propagation. Under the third generation leadership of Lisa Takao-McCall, we worked to build the company’s first website with customized development as their extensive plant list glossary features more than 100 products and continues to grow.

Takao Nursury

Web Design, Marketing, Branding

Valley Animal Pets
As a community-supported, no-kill animal shelter, Valley Animal Center houses thousands of dogs and cats annually until they find their forever homes. We worked with the company’s Business Development Manager to redesign their website, create a custom development for a Pet Finder integration to showcase adoptable pets on their own website, set up multiple forms (donation, camp sign ups, etc.) and created marketing materials.

Valley Animal Center

Design, Development, Marketing

Evolve Dance Company
Founded as a way to give local dancers the ability to learn, grow and dance creatively in all forms, Evolve Dance Company offers high-quality dance classes and training in a healthy and supportive environment. Owner Shelby Ramos came to us to help create her brand identity and introduce her dance studio to the world. We worked alongside her to create a minimalist brand image that was cohesive across her website, social media and marketing materials.

Evolve Dance Company

Web Design, Development, Branding

HOS truck in front house
Located in Northern California, SunPower by Hooked on Solar is the largest family-owned solar company in its area and has installed residential and commercial solar panels for more than 40 years. For this projekt, we worked with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing to optimize their website, create branded marketing materials, generate leads via digital marketing and social media.

SunPower by Hooked on Solar

Web Design, Marketing, Branding

What Can We Do For You?

Web Design & Development

Your website is a reflection of your brand. With our value-added services, in-depth consultation and your audience in mind, we develop custom websites that give your users the best experience possible utilizing UX/UI designs to drive growth, sales and success.

Reputation Management

First impressions are everything. From consistent logos to branded colors, your audience needs to engage with your business from the get-go. We’ll do a full scrub of your brand across all online platforms to ensure consistency, accurate information and more.

Digital Campaigns

Increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns with budget-friendly strategies. We specialize in lead generation, direct response and brand/product awareness digital advertising across multiple platforms to drive online conversions, phone calls, foot traffic, generate awareness and more.

Social Media Management

We’ll leverage your brand’s strengths and find out what makes your company unique. Then we’ll create content that inspires meaningful and measurable conversations on your social channels to build engaging relationships with your customers.

WordPress Development

We create beautiful, powerful and competitive websites that not only catch your audience's eye, but also help them navigate your site quickly and intuitively utilizing a mobile-first approach. We follow WordPress' strict guidelines while offering customized solutions to meet any business goals.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO/SEM is at the core of every projekt we do. From improving client's usability, visibility and conversion rates, we start with a foundational keyword analysis and build optimization strategies that generate results to get our clients found on more than 40 local directories.

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