Respect the Drip Campaign

Respect the drip hero

Why You Should Respect the Drip Email Campaign

Every respectable marketer in the industry would (and should) tell you that building your email list is important. The ability to connect directly with current and potential customers to generate sales and build important relationships for future referrals is valuable. 

If you’re not already giving your website visitors an opportunity to subscribe to your email, here are a few ways you can: 

  • Add CTA buttons to subscribe on every landing page on your website
  • Add a pop-up image that encourages visitors to subscribe
  • Encourage your social media followers to join your email list
  • Always describe what value visitors will get out of subscribing 

If You Build It, They Will Come. Here’s How:

But what do you do once you start building this important list and how do you make money? You respect the drip Karen.

For those who don’t spend hours on TikTok, Respect the Drip Karen is a viral video in which a person discusses the new outfit their stepmom won’t allow them to wear. They reveal the outfit at the end of the video and say “respect the drip Karen.”

Similarly, an email drip campaign is a lead nurturing campaign that sends out emails automatically when a customer sets off a trigger. These triggers can be set when they join a specific email list, click on a certain link, etc. These emails allow you to connect with your customers in a timely manner and provide the valuable information they want. 

Like putting together a new outfit that needs to be respected, you should create email marketing campaigns worthy of respect (or engagement, in this case). 

Why Email Drip Campaigns Are Important

We’re beyond the age of a monthly newsletter that delivers a generalized message to your prospects. When you implement a drip campaign, it provides customized messages to your subscribers based on how you have segmented your lists. The message is generally delivered over a longer period of time and this nurturing approach to lead management can increase conversions that would otherwise have been lost.

This segmentation can be as aggregated as desired but at minimum should be divided into two buckets:

  1. “Prospects” (Individuals who have not yet converted.)
  2. “Customers” (Individuals who have converted.)

Why Is The Email Drip Important?

This year alone, more than 306 billion emails will be sent worldwide. On an average day, your customers will spend their time with family, co-workers, customers, browsing the internet, social media, watching tv and listening to the radio. If you read that last sentence and thought “what about checking your email?” You’re not alone. In fact, some people check their emails up to 20 times a day and overwhelmingly do so on their mobile devices.

What does this imply? Simply put, think about how bombarded you are with advertisements as you scroll through your social feeds, listen to the radio or watch a show at home. How many of those ads did you notice or even remember? Better yet, how many of those ads did you actually interact with? 

Interaction is key. The industry standard for the average engagement rate on social media is between 1% and 3.5%. Compare that to the 15% and 25% average open rate of emails. Clearly, email interaction takes the cake. 

What About Spam Emails?

While most people prefer email to be their primary form of communication from marketers, being flagged as spam is a valid concern. However, this also solidifies the importance of implementing a drip sequence in your email marketing strategies. 

Picture this: a homeowner is interested in going solar to save money on his electric bills and increase his home value. He researched local solar companies and subscribed to their email lists to learn more about what they have to offer. How relevant or helpful would an email about referrals be? Instead, the company should have sent him an email about the financial benefits of going solar and he would’ve been more inclined to open it. The company has also decreased their odds of being marked as spam because they sent relevant information for that homeowner and provided value. 

Drip email campaigns have a ton of benefits for your business and have earned the respect marketers have for them. If you’re ready to implement these in your email marketing strategy, we’re here to help boost your sales and create a lasting relationship with your customers and leads. 

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