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We are a boutique California media firm. Our eclectic client roster, ranges from small to large businesses, government, and nonprofit entities. We specialize in custom design and development of WordPress websites, Marketing, and video Production for social media and corporate training.

A Culture for Growing

One of the most amazing things about what our company does is that we focus on mentorship. We pair fresh talent with seasoned developers. This practice allows us to build cutting edge, professional, and mobile friendly websites to help small businesses increase their web presence at a fraction of the cost. Most importantly, together we help advance the community as a whole by keeping tech talent local. Many of these young "geeks" will be starting businesses and growing their local economy just like your business in the near future.

One of the most amazing things about what our company does is that we focus on mentorship.

An Evolving Landscape

The web is an rapid ever-evolving technology, and that solving problems requires a real understanding of your business and the industry. That’s why our team consists of technologists who possess an extensive knowledge of today's latest techniques. We get it.

Kiera Menezes

Kiera Menezes

Creative Director

Keira is a firm believer in positive personal evolution through travel, self-reflection, continuous education, and most importantly helping others reach their goals. If Keira had the world in her hands she'd probably be living in a small adobe structure, tending to an organic garden, while helping disadvantaged groups gain coding skills.

Favorite Color:All the color's of the Rainbow!

Personal Philosophy?

If you want life to grant your wishes, first help others reach theirs.

Richard Sargent

Richard Sargent

Director of Marketing

Richard has a great appreciation for small businesses which has grown into one of his passions in life. He provides the knowledge and skills that are needed to be successful in marketing your small business in today's ever-changing economy. He started the www.OMFresno.com, which is designed to help Fresno businesses engage with their customers.

Favorite Color:Dodger Blue

What's the best day of the week?

Taco Tuesday!!!

Austin Verburg

Austin Verburg

Web Developer/Php Developer

Austin has a deep love and passion for geek culture. Whether it be diving into the exciting world of code development or attending comic conventions, chances are he's always in the midst of something nerdy and awesome. When he isn't developing websites, Austin is either playing Halo, making comics about Halo, or costuming as characters from Halo.

Favorite Color:Blue, as in Blue Team... from Halo

What is the greatest video game ever conceived?

Barbie Island Adventure

Larry Bui

Larry Bui

Web Developer/Graphic Designer

Larry comes from a background of graphic design. He emphasize web design that is modern and clean. He believes websites should not just function correctly but also lay out pages that are aesthetically pleasing. In his free time he likes to travel and hike with his dog companion, Finn.

Favorite Color: Green

Where would you like to visit?

Tokyo, Japan

Joel Perez

Joel Perez

Web Developer/UX UI Designer

Joel has a B.A. in Mass Communication and Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising. He brings his extensive education and experience to every client website and concentrates in developing a site with user experience in mind. He enjoys cycling in downtown Fresno and going on longer rides in the country, or enjoying the local Fresno art scene.

Favorite Color: Yellow

Where is your favorite place to visit?

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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